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Revenue Sharing


100% sharing across all segments

100% sharing across

  • Account maintenance charges (AMC)
  • Account opening fee
  • DP sell transaction charges
  • Pledge/unpledge charges
  • Partner service fee (annual)
  • Plan modification fee
That’s not all! Create recurring income with highest interest revenue sharing across,
  • MTF (eMargin)

    80% sharing over 9.99%

  • Margin Pledge

    80% sharing over 11.99%

आपके बड़े सपनों को उड़ान दें, Mirae Asset के साथ

Our Partner program offers unbelievable pricing, a seamless tech platform for an enhanced experience for you and your clients. It also gives you full control and ownership, reducing dependency on us. For detailed payout terms, click here

Let’s understand the payout opportunities with examples

  • Brokerage
    Earn 1.5X or more
    • Active clients
    • Annual brokerage per client
    • Total annual brokerage
      ₹36 lakh
    Annual Payout
    ₹25.20 lakh (70%)
    Mirae Asset
    ₹36 lakh (100%)
    star yellow icon Unique Benefit: Choose either Discount, Traditional or Hybrid model, customise rates based on your clients’ needs
  • MTF (eMargin) Interest
    Know How ?
    Earn 2X or more
    • MTF active clients
    • MTF book
      ₹3 crore
      (assuming ₹3 lakh per client)
    • Interest
      18% p.a.
    Details Industry Mirae Asset Partners
    MTF active clients 100 100
    Total MTF Book, (assuming ₹3 lakh per client) ₹3 crore ₹3 crore
    Average interest rate 18% 18%
    Base rate (retained by the broker) 12% 9.99%
    Interest sharing above base rate 50% 80%
    Annual MTF interest payout ₹9 lakh (50%) ₹19.22 lakh (80%)
    Annual Interest Payout
    ₹9 lakh (50%)
    Mirae Asset
    ₹19.22 lakh (80%)
    star yellow icon Unique Benefit: Customise the MTF interest rate from 9.99% to 24%.
  • Margin Pledge Interest
    Know How ?
    Earn 1.5X or more
    • Margin Pledge active clients
    • Margin Pledge book
      ₹2 crore
      (assuming ₹2 lakh per client)
    • Average interest rate
      18% p.a.
    Assumptions Industry Mirae Asset Partners
    Margin Pledge active clients 100 100
    Total Margin Pledge Book (assuming ₹2 lakh per client) ₹2 crore ₹2 crore
    Average interest rate 18% 18%
    Base rate (retained by the broker) 12% 11.99%
    Interest sharing above base rate 50% 80%
    Annual Margin Pledge interest payout ₹6 lakh (50%) ₹9.61 lakh (80%)
    Annual Interest Payout
    ₹6 lakh (50%)
    Mirae Asset
    ₹9.61 lakh (80%)
    star yellow icon Unique Benefit: Customise the Margin Pledge interest rate from 11.99% to 24%.
  • DP Sell Transaction Charges
    Know How ?
    Earn 22X or more
    • No of scrips sold per day
    • Charges
      ₹12 - ₹25
    • Annual Charges
      ₹72,000 - ₹1,50,000
      Industry Mirae Asset Partners
    No of scrips sold per day 25 25
    Average DP transaction charges ₹12 ₹12
    Customised DP transaction charges NA ₹25
    Annual DP transaction charges ₹72,000 ₹1,50,000
    Payout rate 5% (On Base) 100% (Above Base)
    Annual Payout above base rate ₹3,600 ₹78,000
    Annual Payout
    ₹3,600 (5%)
    Mirae Asset
    ₹78,000 (100%)
    star yellow icon Unique Benefit: Customise the DP sell transactions from ₹12 to ₹25.

That’s not all, you can benefit from various other charges too

  • Account Opening Fee Icon

    Account Opening Fee Opportunity to charge up to ₹9,999
    Anything above ₹500 is 100% yours!

  • AMC Icon

    Account Maintenance Charges (DP AMC) Charge up to ₹4,999 - Earn 100%

  • plede emargine icon

    Pledge, unpledge charges (MTF, Margin Pledge) Choose from our standard plans – Earn 20%
    Or customise and Earn 100%

All this can
become yours.

See detailed revenue sharing plans AMC Pricing Icon

The 'Mirae Asset' advantage

Partnering with us has a lot of advantages for your business. See, what’s in it for you.

1 Customise pricing for your clients

Create customised brokerage plans as a one-time activity, for all future onboarding of your clients. Choose from Discount, Traditional or Hybrid models. Customise interest rates, DP charges and more, for your clients’ varied needs and maximise your earnings.

2 Run your business through interactive dashboard

3 Onboard your clients in minutes

  • diy icon

    Do it for your client on their behalf and share link with
    them only for documentation

  • share icon

    Share joining link with your clients and let
    them do it themselves

  • upload icon

    Upload list for bulk onboarding and get multiple clients onboarded
    in one go

  • 4 Global trusted brand

    with 25+ years of experience across 19 countries

  • 5 Disruptive Business Model

    with best brokerages and interest rate plans

  • 6 Transparent Model

    with zero disparity irrespective of your business size

  • 7 High payouts

    across 9 income generating streams

  • 8 Establish your brand

    with visibility on clients app and web trading platforms

  • 9 Dedicated service desk

    for you

  • 10 Stable platforms

    clocking 25 lakh+ trades per day

What’s in it for your clients?

In 24 months...

  • Earned trust icon Earned trust of
    10 Lakh+ customers
  • Facilitated trades icon Facilitated
    ₹49 Crore+ trades
  • report mtf icon Built MTF book of
    ₹1,352 Crore+
  • Onboard a client
    copy icon
    Share via clinet whatsapp icon

    Note: Client will get onboarded with your default pricing plan. In case you wish to change the default plan or create a new plan, LOGIN

  • Activate your a client

    Share the m.Stock app download link with your client and activate their trading and investment journey with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Authorised persons (formerly known as sub-brokers) provide access to trading platforms and assistance for investments between stockbrokers and clients. The APs are registered with the NSE and BSE and they work as agents of stockbroking houses to create an advanced business network for them.

An AP can be an individual, partnership firm, LLP, or a corporate entity.

The primary responsibility of an Authorised Person is to register clients and assist them with their trading requirements. They provide support in buying, selling securities and have the authority to trade on behalf of the clients, with prior permission.

Individual: A resident of India, above 18 years of age.
Partnership firm: A firm that is registered under Indian Partnership Act, 1932.
LLP: A firm that is registered under the Indian Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008.
Corporate: A firm that is registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956.

No, HUF can't get registered as an AP. In order to become an AP, one must be either an individual, a partnership firm, a LLP or a Corporate entity.

No, a Director or Partner of an existing AP registered firm cannot register as a new Authorised Person in any capacity.

The eligibility criteria for an individual to become an AP is listed below.

  • Should be a citizen of India
  • Should be 18 years of age or above
  • Should have passed 10th standard or equivalent examination recognised by Central or State government
  • Should not have been convicted for any offence involving fraud or dishonesty
  • An Authorised Person who was suspended for more than six consecutive months must wait three years before they can be reappointed.

The eligibility criteria for a Partnership firm to become an AP is listed below.

  • All the partners or directors must comply with the eligibility criteria mentioned above for 'Individual' category
  • The partnership deed or the Memorandum of Association should have a clause permitting to deal in Shares & Securities business

The Authorised Person must have an adequate office space, equipment, manpower and other infrastructural facilities, which the Exchange can prescribe from time to time, in order to effectively service their clients on behalf of the stockbroker.

No, they are not mandatory requirements.

As a part of the registration process, to become an AP, a Partnership firm needs to submit the Registration of Firm (ROF) certificate along with the partnership deed.

No, the agreement is required to be signed only between the stockbroker and the Authorised Person in the format which has been prescribed by the Exchange vide circular no. 705 (download ref. no. 13601) dated December 3, 2009.

Yes, however, whilst applying for appointment of Authorised Person, the uploaded agreement should be strictly as per the format prescribed by the Exchange.

No, if you are an existing sub-broker with SEBI then you would first need to get your sub-broker registration cancelled. Once that is done, you can then apply to become an Authorised Person (AP) with the exchange.

No, an Authorised person can be affiliated with only one stockbroker at any given point of time.

No, you would first need to cancel your AP registration done through the current stockbroker. Once that is done, you would need to apply for a new AP registration via the second stockbroker that you desire to get associated with.

Yes, an Authorised Person is allowed to have multiple offices.

Yes, if the partner’s or director's name is mentioned as an authorised signatory passed by the company's board of members or mentioned in their Partnership deed / LLP agreement, then they can eSign on behalf of the firm. A letter should be submitted on firms letterhead and mentioning the purpose of AP registration.

If you are already registered as an AP with another stockbroker, then you have three ways to join Mirae Asset Partners:

  • Cancel your AP registration with your current stockbroker; or
  • Apply under a new name that's not registered with the exchange as an AP; or
  • If you can't cancel your registration or apply under a new name, you can still join our Affiliate Program.

Mirae Asset runs an affiliate program where you can introduce your community or clients to m.Stock and earn lucrative commissions on each new customer account opened.

Security deposit: ₹50,000 (Refundable)

Document handling charges: ₹1,500 (eFranking & eSign charges)

One-time Exchange Registration Charges:

AP registration charges
Exchange Segment Fee (₹) GST rate GST amount Total charges (₹)
NSE Capital Market 5,000 18% 900 5,900
NSE F&O 5,000 18% 900 5,900
BSE Capital Market 4,000 18% 720 4,720
Total Registration charges All Segments 14,000 18% 2,520 16,520

AP Annual Maintenance Charges effective from April 2024:

NSE-AMC All Segments 5,000 18% 900 5,900
BSE-AMC All Segments 4,000 18% 720 4,720
Total AMC NSE&BSE 9,000 18% 1,620 10,620