Frequently Asked Questions on Partnership

  • Mirae Asset Partners is first in the industry to offer you the flexibility to choose your preferred pricing model, whether it's Discount Broking, Traditional Broking, or a Hybrid approach. This flexibility empowers you to manage your business efficiently and ensures that you never lose a client.
  • Eight different revenue streams, providing various opportunities to grow your income.
  • Customise each revenue stream to cater to your clients' specific needs.
  • 100% brokerage sharing.
  • Trusted global brand with over 25 years of experience operating in 19 countries.
For an in-depth understanding of our payout terms, you can refer to our pricing page, click here.

m.Stock offers two types of brokerage accounts to their clients:

Zero Brokerage Account: Clients can trade at zero brokerage for life across Delivery, Intraday, F&O, IPO, and Currency. The account opening fee (one-time) is ₹999.

Free Delivery Account: Clients can trade at zero brokerage for life on Delivery and IPO. Brokerage of ₹20 per order is applicable on Intraday, F&O and Currency. The account opening fee ₹0.

Account Maintenance Plan (AMC)

Our clients can select from:

Lifetime Free AMC: For a one-time fee of ₹999, clients enjoy zero AMC for life plus lower pledge charges of ₹25 (instead of ₹32) are applicable

Quarterly AMC: A standard fee of ₹120 is charged every quarter (₹480 a year).

For other charges, click here.

There are two ways to associate with Mirae Asset and earn revenue:

Become an Affiliate: I ntroduce your community or clients to m.Stock and earn lucrative commissions on each new customer account opened.

Referral Program: Open an account with m.Stock and earn referral rewards by referring your friends and family.

You will have 'View Only' access to the service and monitor your client's trading positions. To place orders, your clients can contact our centralized 'Call and Trade' dealing desk and submit offline orders. They can reach the dealing desk by calling 1800 2028 444.

Orders can only be placed by the client using their registered mobile number when calling the Call and Trade desk.

There are no charges applicable for calling or placing orders through the Call & Trade desk.

For GST registered partners, we follow the below process to release the GST amount payable.

  • Pre-defined GST invoice will be displayed along with a unique GST invoice no. on the partner dashboard for the respective payout month with a breakup of Gross payout amount and GST payable for the month.
  • Enter this unique GST invoice no. at the time of declaring the liability on the Govt. GST portal.
  • Once the liability is created on the Govt. GST portal, e-sign the predefined GST invoice available in dashboard on or before 10th of every month.
  • Our Finance team will verify the liability created through the GST portal.
  • Once the entries are verified by the finance team for the signed invoice, the amount will be released in the next payout cycle.
Note:  The liability created for the GST amount should be equal to or higher than the GST invoice for the month and should be e-signed by you. Without this the GST amount shall be kept on hold. Partial GST declared will not be considered and will not be released.

You can easily onboard your existing clients at zero account opening fee through our partner portal by following the below steps:

  • Choose a pricing plan that best suits your clients' needs.
  • Share the e-KYC link with your clients to facilitate their onboarding process.
Note:  Mirae Asset will debit a one-time fee of Rs. 500 for each new client you bring on board.

You can start onboarding your clients at ₹0 account opening fee. However, minimum account opening charges are applicable in two scenarios:

  • If you choose the zero brokerage account, the minimum account opening fee is ₹999.
  • If you customize the brokerage plan and charge your clients brokerage less than ₹20 per order, the applicable account opening fee is ₹499.

You can offer a Zero brokerage account to your clients where they can trade at zero brokerage for lifetime by paying a minimum account opening fee of ₹ 999.

For eMargin, applicable interest rates are as follows:

Base Interest Rate Payout to Partner
(up to base rate)
Customised interest rate
(maximum limit)
Payout to Partner
(above base rate)
9.99% 5% 24% 80%

For Margin Pledge, the minimum effective interest rate is 11.99%.

For both the funding products (MTF and Margin Pledge), you can charge our standard rates or customize them up to 24%.

Mirae Asset Partners offers you the flexibility to customize your clients' charges according to their needs and create the entire plan through the partner dashboard, without the need for any approvals, ensuring you have complete control of your business.

Note:  You can earn 5% in interest revenue by charging our standard MTF interest rates to your clients. If you wish, you will be able to reduce the interest rate to 6.99% for clients using funding above Rs 5 cr, however your sharing will not be possible below 9.99% interest rate.

DP plan is a combination of Account Maintenance Charges, Pledge/Unpledge charges and Sell Transaction Charges.

Mirae Asset is associated with CDSL.

On a case-to-case basis, you are allowed to transfer clients from m.Stock to your partner code. To initiate the transfer process, the client should provide an email where he suggests he has no objection in getting mapped with the partner.

Mirae Asset Partners requires a nominal deposit of ₹50,000 during onboarding. Partial withdrawal of this deposit is not allowed; it can only be withdrawn when you surrender your partnership business.

As a partner, you will have access to our Interactive Partner portal. Through this portal, you can onboard clients, create and modify pricing plans, service them, monitor their trades, and access client-specific reports to provide investment advice. Additionally, we have a dedicated help and client support, allowing you to track your customers' queries and promptly resolve them.

By partnering with Mirae Asset Partners, you can earn from 8 revenue streams. For detailed information, please refer to the Pricing and Payout terms.

Payouts for all income streams are calculated and issued on the 5th of each month.

Partners have the responsibility to recover any uncovered debits from their clients. In case you are unable to recover these debits in the current month, the outstanding amount will be adjusted from your monthly payout. Once the amount is successfully recovered, it will be paid back to the you in the upcoming payout cycle.

As of now we do not provide the facility of algo trading.

You can email us on or call our support desk on 18002100819

We have deactivated the mutual fund segment for partner clients as we only offer direct mutual funds. To prevent any revenue loss from your existing mutual fund base, we have disabled mutual fund access.

Currently, Mirae Asset doesn’t offer master franchisee.

You have the flexibility to operate your business from your residence. However, it's important to ensure that all compliance requirements, such as displaying notice boards and certificates, are met at your residential address.

Once you complete your onboarding process, our verification team will verify your documents within 48 hours and proceed for exchange registration which is done within 10 days if there are no rejections.